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Bayern Builders Exterior Remodeling

If only that garage door was as modern as the rest of our house. If only our front porch had more curb appeal. If only we could make our home more energy efficient from the outside in. And maybe we could add a magnificent deck while we’re at it.

We hear you, we do!

For many years, we’ve been helping homeowners achieve the type of curb appeal that makes people say “Wow!” We take on the big jobs from changing a Mansard roof to a pitched roof or adding dormers or windows, to smaller, more traditional projects like installing shutters, a front door, a balcony or a new deck.

Sometimes even little changes can make a huge difference in the look and feel (and value) of your home. Let Bayern make the exterior of your home reflect your style and pride of ownership.

Let Bayern Builders take your exterior “if onlys” and turn them into realities.

Bayern Builders Interior Renovation and Remodeling

If only that wall was removed. If only we had better storage. If only the fireplace looked up to date. Wouldn't that doorway look great with a curved archway instead of the boring square one?

Maybe your tastes have changed, or maybe it's just the times.

Maybe you've been meaning to get around to making the inside of your home – a room, a closet, a ceiling or the whole place – look more like those magazines you drool over.

Maybe you've had a fire or flood that's forcing you to redo your indoors. Or maybe you found a home with a great location, great price...if only some of those rooms were more to your taste and lifestyle.

From custom bookcases and entertainment units, to opening up spaces, installing molding, floors, wainscoting and fireplace surrounds Let Bayern turn your interior “if onlys” into beautiful realties.

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